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Community Outreach

Each year, Cub Scout Pack 102 collects food for local food banks, and other charitable organizations that feed the hungry.  This year we will be passing out flyers and bags to every house in our designated area on March 5th.  On March 12th, we will be collecting the bags of food and delivering to the local food closet.

The Purpose of Scouting For Food:

  • Helps meet the needs of the hungry  in our community.

  • To collect non-perishable foods most needed for nutrition, such as Peanut Butter, baby formula, complete packaged meals, canned goods, especially tuna, chunky soup, stews, meats, fruits and vegetables.

  • Scouting’s role is to organize food collection and work with local food banks and charitable organizations where they will distribute the food to the needy at no cost.

  • Exposes Scouts to the high ideals of the Scouting movement through a practical and dramatic experience in the principle of the “Daily Good Turn.”

What Is the Need?

  • Hunger hurts. Twenty million American are hungry for at least a few days every month.

  • One child out of every five children is unable to get a minimally adequate diet.

  • Prolonged hunger causes more than just discomfort. Malnutrition can lead to permanent tissue damage, and leaves its sufferers—particularly children and the elderly—susceptible to illness and infection.

  • Nation-wide, the average number of households seeking emergency food is almost 40%. 70% of those seeking help are families with children.

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