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Twilight Camp

A must for cub scouts.  Week long camp in the afternoons for scouts to learn how to shoot bows and arrows, play in the dirt, work as a team and earn badges.


End of the School Year



Varies From Year to Year (Local)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Overnighter


Sleep with the fishes!  A rare opportunity to spend the night in the aquarium.  Spend the late afternoon touring the aquarium after they are closed to the public and then set up your cots and sleeping bags at the base of floor to ceiling fish tank.  A very fun family event.





Monterey Bay Aquarium

Cub Scout Camping Trips


If you are an experienced camper or a novice, cub scout camping trips are a blast!  Get to know fellow pack parents, hiking, kayaking, swimming, fishing and all around fun.  Our camping trips are a fun way to experience all of the best things cub scouts.





Locations Vary

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